Your First Appointment


Your first visit will last about 45 minutes to one hour.

    • Either download the forms and fill them out before your appointment or arrive a few minutes early to fill out our paperwork.
    • Bring your insurance card and the prescription for physical therapy from your doctor.
    • Wear appropriate clothing. Knee patients will want to bring shorts and sneakers, while patients with low back pain will need to wear something with an elastic waistband. Your therapist will greatly appreciate you wearing a T-shirt if you have a shoulder problem.
    • You will be evaluated by a physical therapist and a plan of care will be established. Soon you’ll be on the road to recovery.

Things Needed For Physical Therapy
Prescription, Insurance Referral, and Knowledge of  Insurance Benefits

If you are needing physical therapy, you must first visit your doctor, podiatrist, or dentist to obtain a physical therapy prescription.Some insurances will also require a referral number authorizing treatment.

Once you obtain a prescription and insurance information, call the  Greece office at 227-2580 or the Henrietta office at 334-8090 and a member of our friendly office staff will assist you in setting up your first appointment!

If you would like to check your eligibility benefit through your health insurance company, try one of the links of our 2 most common insurances below:

Otherwise, see if there is a link under the “Insurances We Accept” tab

Please arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment to fill out your paperwork.  You also have the option of downloading your paperwork for the first visit on line from the link to the left, filling it out ahead of time and bringing it with you.

  • Bring the prescription from your doctor
  • Bring your insurance card so that, if applicable, we can make a copy.
  • Wear (or bring to change into) sensible clothing:
  • People with knee problems should wear shorts
  • People with neck and shoulder problems should have t-shirts or tank tops
  • People with low back pain should wear something with an elastic waistband or loose fitting clothing
  • Sneakers are always a good idea

You will be greeted by our office staff who will process your insurance information and paperwork information. They will make sure everything is in order before you begin your physical therapy.

DOWNLOAD Forms Here content goes here.

After your paperwork is in order, your physical therapist will greet you and bring you to the treatment area for the evaluation process.

Your physical therapist will discuss the symptoms of your disorder (ailment) and the way it affects your life. This will help the physical therapist and you to establish your goals for physical therapy.

The physical therapist will perform a series of tests according to your diagnosis, activity level, and the symptoms described from the interview.

  • ROM test: (measurement of movement for a specific body part or joint)
  • Strength test: (The PT will provide resistance to a particular muscle group)
  • Special tests: (each joint or body part has unique qualities. The tests will check stability and mobility of these areas)

The plans listed in blue provide a link for you to check your eligiblity, referral requirements and copayment amounts

  • Aetna
  • BC/BS
  • Blue Choice
  • Crossbridge
  • Empire BC/BS
  • Empire UHC
  • GHI
  • Health Now
  • Medicare
  • Monroe Plan
  • No Fault  (car accident)
  • MVP
  • Statewide
  • Tricare
  • UHC (United Healthcare)
  • Workers’ Compensation (injured at work)

We encourage all patients to read their insurance contracts or call insurance company for their physical therapy benefits since coverage and copayments vary.